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Social Sector Network, LLC is looking for early stage social enterprises

Social Sector Network, LLC aims to maximize future well-being for all by empowering social entrepreneurs who possess the potential to transform economic systems. We accomplish this by leveraging our collaborative resources to provide early-stage support for startups and initiatives in the sustainable development space.

What is one thing you're looking for to advance your social enterprise?:  “Social Sector Network is looking for early-stage social enterprises and support providers to help launch the Social Impact Virtual Accelerator.

For the Funding School program, we will prioritize social enterprises that have validated their solutions and achieved product-market fit. Additionally, individuals may apply to our Lean Launch or Impact Career Accelerator programs to build their social entrepreneurial skills. Accelerator participants can be located anywhere in the world. However, they must possess a firm grasp of the English language.

Partnerships with support providers are essential to the successful execution of these programs. We seek to work with expert mentors and support organizations that can guide social entrepreneurs through specific challenges, such as customer acquisition and impact measurement. Our support collective must also include social impact specialists who understand industry trends and can offer career advice."

What can you offer back to the community reading this?: Here is a free strategy guide on marketing plan creation.

How can people contact you or get involved?: Register for program updates or sign up to be a mentor.