Next Paradigm is seeking partners!

Social Enterprise Mission Statement: Next Paradigm is a social incubator service that facilitates budding social entrepreneurs to connect to a nourishing online or offline social impact community, so they may find their social impact tribe, and while nourishing that tribe, Next Paradigm bidirectionally guides passionate tribe-team founders from idea to eventual launch of their enterprise. These entrepreneurs will be taught Holacracy practice for great organizational empowerment, contemplative practices for intrapersonal empowerment and cutting edge interpersonal strategies for greater group innovation for their social impact tribes and ventures.

What is one thing you're looking for to advance your social enterprise?: Partners! Next Paradigm needs a Social Incubator Manager, Social Entrepreneur Coach, Next Paradigm Accountant.

What can you offer back to the community reading this?: Next Paradigm has free audio resources for those who want to learn more about Holacracy, meditation and qi gong.

How can people contact you or get involved?: Contact Dathane at