Lola Loves the Sky is looking for a copywriter!

Social Enterprise Business Name: LOLA LOVES THE SKY


Social Enterprise Mission Statement: My big wish is to bring more and more people to stop consuming animals, we are all starting to be aware that it is urgent also for the planet and for our health!
So I created an educational quiz card game about animals and the environment to bring awareness in a playful way.

What is one thing you're looking for to advance your social enterprise?: Basically, I am a graphic designer, And the main issue is that I feel lost in "how to put my project out" All the marketing and logistic part seems to be very overwhelming! I wish I could find someone that can guide me step by step and also someone that could help me with copywriting.

What can you offer back to the community reading this?: I am a very skilled graphic designer, I am passionate and have 20 years of experience..More then the design by itself I can help you to think about the message you want to put out, and building the whole branding of your project.
I also speak French and Hebrew (in case it can help someone! )

How can people contact you or get involved?: You can contact me by email :
or whatsup : +81236049706