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And Change The World

Step 0: Learn about Social Enterprise

New here? No problem! Learn the definition of social enterprise, the difference between a B Corp and Benefit Corporation (yes, there is a difference!), how to find a job in social enterprise, and where to meet like-minded people who want to make the world a better place. 

Step 1: Find Your Social Enterprise Idea

In this free five-day email course, you'll learn the steps in finding your social enterprise idea. Includes a workbook to jot your notes, and five days of step-by-step emails to help you brainstorm your perfect social enterprise business idea.

Step 2: Create Your Social Enterprise Plan

In this five-day email course, you'll get the tools to create your social enterprise plan, and make sure your social enterprise idea is feasible, marketable, and impactful. This course gives you the tools to define your customer, analyze competition, begin building financial projections, and outlining the impact you hope to create in the world.

Step 3: Grow Your Impact

Now that you have your social enterprise plan, launch your social enterprise and grow your impact! Download the Grow Your Social Enterprise template bundle, or work with Beth Palm, MBA directly to implement your social enterprise plan, improve financial performance, and grow an impactful social enterprise.