The Ultimate Social Enterprise Job Search Guide

The social enterprise field is still emerging and it can be difficult to find social enterprise jobs. They are few and far between, and even when one opens, it can be hard to find before it’s filled. 

This social enterprise job search guide is tried and tested with job seekers looking for their dream job that makes an impact. Print out the job search resource guide and follow along with the steps below, and you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect social enterprise job.


1 | Find your Passion

What do you care most about?

If you’re not sure, or can’t decide - because WHOA NELLY there’s a lot of stuff to care about right now - take this quiz via the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. It’s just 6 questions and only takes a few minutes. Your results will be your top 3 goals that align with your answers.

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are:

2 | Volunteer for an Organization that Aligns with Your Passion

Find a local nonprofit organization that align with the global goal area you identified above. Visit their website and look for a link that says “Get Involved” or “Volunteer Opportunities” to see their volunteer openings. Job candidates that have recent and relevant volunteer experience in the same goal area are more likely to stand out to employers!

You can find these nonprofit organizations by visiting volunteer listings like:

3 | Network in the Social Enterprise Field

Eww, I know networking is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, but I’ve got news for you - it’s necessary and it works. Even if you hate going to networking events, or are super-introverted like me, you can still make this time totally worthwhile.

My approach to networking events: be a friend and be of service.

Meaning, don’t go into a networking event with the intent of selling or focusing on what you have to gain. Be a friend, be nice and respectful, and be of service to each person you meet. What can you offer to the person you meet, that THEY will find valuable?

What you’ll need BEFORE you go to a networking event:

Business Cards for Job Search

I recommend for super high quality business cards for YOURSELF. Include your name, personal email address, phone number and any other relevant information (Twitter handle, website URL, etc). Notice I said RELEVANT. Please don’t include your Twitter handle if don’t tweet about topics related to your passion area.

Job Search Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief description of who you are and what you do - that takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes (the average ride in an elevator). Fill in the mad lib in the worksheet to create your elevator pitch.

When you have business cards and have practiced your elevator pitch, now you're ready to attend networking events. Find events through the Social Enterprise Alliance, your local Council of Nonprofits chapter, other associations, Net Impact, Social Venture Partners, local colleges and universities with a social impact major, social impact conferences and other public meetings.

4 | Apply for Social Enterprise Jobs

Now that you know what you’re passionate about, and you have volunteer experience in that passion area, and have met other people who are like-minded, you’re ready to apply for jobs.

Some of the best job board for finding social enterprise jobs are:

Social Enterprise Alliance: The Social Enterprise Alliance was one of the first associations for social enterprise and social entrepreneurs. Their job board features job openings across the United States, although the jobs tend to be in areas where there is also a Social Enterprise Alliance local chapter.

National Council of Nonprofits: Find your state affiliation and search their job board for nonprofit (and sometimes social enterprise) job openings.

Net Impact: Full variety of nonprofit, for-profit, foundation, and university jobs related to solving social and environmental issues.

B Corp: List of open jobs with certified B Corp companies. (What is a B Corp? Find out here.)

Set up an Indeed alert for “social enterprise”: Search for the term social enterprise on Indeed, add your zip code or geographic region, and email address - and voila! Indeed will send you a daily digest by email of your search results. So much easier than constantly checking job boards.

Google Group for Social Enterprise Jobs: Hit and miss resource for social enterprise job postings. 

Idealist: Variety of jobs related to nonprofit and social enterprise work.


Now go onward! Explore your passions, volunteer in the field, network with like-minded people, and apply for jobs. 

Make sure to download the free social enterprise job search guide to help you get organized.

Good luck job searching!


Hi there! I'm Beth. I'm here to equip social entrepreneurs and change makers like you with the tools to change the world. As a jack-of-all-trades nonprofiteer and recognized social enterprise expert, I've walked the talk in this emerging industry. With over a decade of experience launching and managing social enterprises, I want to share my best tools, resources and knowledge with you.

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