A Round-Up Guide To Ethical Holiday Gift Guides

Rather than creating our own Holiday Gift Guide, we've gathered a list of the best ethical and social enterprise holiday gift guides, making your holiday shopping easy-peasy. 


REDF has developed a comprehensive holiday gift guide again this year. It's jam-packed with workforce development social enterprise brands, including:

  • Greyston Bakery
  • BeeLove
  • The Village Cookie Shoppe
  • Homeboy Industries
  • Homeless Garden Project
  • Boston Handyworks
  • Central City Coffee
  • Mile High Workshop
  • The Giving Keys
  • Clean 360
  • BAM Essentials
  • Bright Endeavors
  • Thistle Farms
  • Women's Bean Project
  • Rebel Nell
  • MADE by DWC
  • Povertees
  • EPAMade
  • Creativity Explored
  • The Chocolate Spectrum
  • Infinitely Simple

Social Enterprise Alliance

The Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) has a first-edition holiday gift guide, featuring their member organizations. Products are grouped by the type of person you're shopping for, so there are categories like "The Go-Getter", "The Trendsetter", and "The Giver." SEA says, "All of the products in this gift guide are ones you can feel good about buying – knowing that they are contributing to workforce development, ending human trafficking or fighting climate change, along with many other pressing social issues."

Life + Style + Justice

Life +Style + Justice has a list of practical ethical gifts - perfect for the person on your list who says, "Oh, I really don't need anything..." but you still want to get them something. Or put these items on your OWN list for Santa! 

There's also a list of ethical subscription and gift boxes for the holidays - the gift that keeps on giving!

The Good Trade

Ok - I could get lost in the Good Trade's gift guides - what a wormhole of great information! There is so much good content over there, but I pulled out a couple of go-to guides:

Gifts that Give Back Under $50 

Gifts that Give Back {for Men}

Gifts that Give Back {for Women}

Fair Trade Federation 

The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) just released their annual Fair Trade Holiday Guide. This guide features FTF members - "When you buy from FTF members, you support businesses that respect the planet, value unique cultural traditions, and empower small farmers and artisans around the world."


What are the best ethical and/or social enterprise gift guides you're finding? What ethical companies are you supporting this year? Comment below and let me know!


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