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Since 2015, Social Good Impact has been equipping social entrepreneurs and change makers with the tools to change the world

By creating Social Good Impact, I want to bring the very best business tools and resources to social entrepreneurs for FREE. You got it. Business planning, business coaching, and strategy sessions can cost a small, start-up social enterprise thousands of dollars, and I want to provide this valuable information for free. I've learned a lot from working in social enterprises for the past 12 years, and I have the formal business credentials to back it (MBA). I want to share all of that juicy knowledge with you - the social entrepreneur, trying to make the world a better place.

But it does cost something to create these free resources for social entrepreneurs - time, website hosting, equipment, etc. By joining our Patreon, we can continue to bring you incredibly valuable content that you can use to start, grow and manage your social enterprise.

We've set the goals a little different than other Patreon pages. Instead of only monetary goals, we also have give-back goals. That's right - the more Patreon Supporters contribute, the more we give-back. 

Our goal is that together, we can solve the world's issues and build a future that works for everyone. 

And what about the free coaching session?

Yup - you heard that right!

If you're one of the first to join our Patreon at any level, you'll be automatically entered to win a free business coaching session with me (Beth)!

One winner will be drawn each day, for 10 days, starting TODAY, THURSDAY, JULY 13. This is an added bonus to the other awesome rewards you get at any level. 


What is Patreon?

Patreon is a "crowdfunding platform for creatives." Learn more about Patreon here.

What are the rewards?

Rewards are available at every level, starting at just $1 per month! You can swing that, right?

Also, at every level, you get to vote on where we donate 10% of our earnings. As you contribute more, the rewards get better - including monthly mastermind video chats, one-on-one calls, and advertising space on! Check out all of the rewards here!

How does the give-back work?

When you become a Patreon supporter of Social Good Impact, you're not just supporting the work we do - creating awesome tools and resources to start, build and grow your social enterprise. You're also getting a vote on where we will donate 10% of our total earnings. That's right - the more you contribute, the more we give.

Do I have to become a Patreon supporter to access the #socent toolkit?

Nope! My philosophy is this - if you're just starting out and exploring the social enterprise industry, please enjoy the tools in the #socent toolkit for free. I don't want you to feel discouraged from starting something that matters, just because you don't have the means to pay at this time.

But, if you like what you're seeing on Social Good Impact and want to make sure we can keep creating useful tools, consider joining our Patreon at any level, to help cover our expenses and grow the social enterprise field. If you've downloaded a tool from our #socent toolkit and found it helpful in understanding social enterprise, or growing/managing your social enterprise business, please join our Patreon today.